Extended Travel Packing Tips

I bet you probably aren't worry about packing when you are going away for a weekend. Chances are you pack the morning you are leaving, or at best, the night before you leave, since you don't have a need for much luggage or deep planning anyway.

And even if it is a week-long vacation, you probably would not stress yourself still.

It is different when it is an extended travel. Going for weeks, months, or even a year long trip. It could be a long vacation, it could be for exploration, and chances are high that it could be for business. You could move from destination to destination, and it could be just one destination. For these extended travels - going for a long period of time, mindful buys improved the value of your experience and will hopefully save you money in the long run.

Here are extended travel packing tips, different from your regular packing tips, that would be of help to you.

1. Consider a super comfortable pair of shoes

Expect the unexpected during travels. The last thing you want to worry about is your feet when traveling, and when you arrive at your destination - moving around whether it is vacation, business, or any other thing.

2. A way to drink clean water

Many cultures and places away from the West may not have as much easy access to clean and potable water. Hence contamination via H20 is a real possibility. You have to find a way to access clean water for drinking, always. I would say you should perhaps invest in a portable water filtration system especially if you are staying in the rural areas.

3. A way to always stay connected to the internet

Internet access and speed differ in different places - and if your job is internet reliant, this could be a real big issue. It is not restricted to only internet-based jobs, you would definitely want to keep up with family, friends, and social media followings. Heck you might even want to stream videos. Whatever reason, find a way to always stay connected. You could get a portable hotspot.

4. Get a money belt

To keep your money safe as crime rates and pickpocket activity are different in each country. Keeping your post valuable items safe is a very important thing to do, especially hundreds to thousands of miles away from home.

5. An extra backpack

It does not do any harm to have an extra backpack just in case. Anything can come up during your extended travel that requires having an extra backpack.

6. A power bank

You being miles away, definitely requires you keeping your electronic devices always on. To connect with home, family and friends back home, and to give them regular updates on what is going on with you.

The benefits of keeping your devices always on of course stretch beyond this. You could want to capture special moments, make important calls to people around, or even connect with locals. Whatever the reason is, just keep your devices always on. This is where the need for a power bank comes in.

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